Club History
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The club's history dates back to 1950 when the stockbrokers, under Sir G.O.B. “Gubby” Allen (of Cambridge, Middlesex and England), challenged the insurance brokers, under R.W.V. “Walter” Robins (also of Cambridge, Middlesex and England), to a game of cricket.

The Stock Exchange Cricket Club (S.E.C.C.) was officially formed as a result of after several years of the fixture and is open to employees of member firms of the London Stock Exchange. Its membership has included recent players such as Charlie Rowe (Kent), Andrew “Dusty” Miller (Middlesex), Mark Crawley (Nottinghamshire), Toby Bailey (Northamptonshire), James Bruce (Hampshire), Ben Hutton (Middlesex), Michael Brown (Hampshire & Surrey), Andrew Davies (Glamorgan), Will Kendall (Hampshire). The club is also proud to have The Right Honourable Sir John Major, K.G., C.H. as a vice president.

The club has grown significantly since 1957 despite the move away from floor trading and its membership now numbers some 150.

The fixtures list includes games against the M.C.C., the Lords Cross Arrows, the Army and the Hurlingham Club, as well as several school and club sides that have historical connections with the London Stock Exchange. The club organises short tours each year to venues such as Portugal, Scotland, Gibraltar and Guernsey as well as major tours to venues such as Australia (1998), South Africa (1993,2006/7) and Hong Kong (1987).

The club has recently changed the venue of the annual dinner to the City of London Club having previously held it at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand.